...on getting your new puppy. Raising a puppy can be a most rewarding effort. We would like you to read over the information we have provided here so that you will become familiar with the medical needs of your new friend.


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Canine Pet Care

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Puppies need to begin their vaccination series at six weeks of age and should continue receiving vaccinations at 3 week intervals until they reach sixteen weeks of age. This will allow your pup's immune system to produce enough immunity to fight off infectious diseases.

Checking puppies for worms and deworming them properly helps the puppy grow, and use it's food better. It also prevents diarrhea, which often occurs in puppies with intestinal worms.

This schedule should be kept as close as possible so that we can properly immunize your pup. Proper timing of vaccinations is important. We will send you periodic reminders in the mail. Below is the schedule we recommend:

6 WEEKS Physical Examination
DHPP vaccine
Fecal examination for intestinal worms
Deworming (if necessary)
9 WEEKS Physical Examination
DHPP vaccine
Second deworming (if necessary)
Begin Heartworm Prevention
12 WEEKS Physical Examination
DHLPP vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Follow-up fecal examination (if necessary)
16 WEEKS Physical Examination
DHLPP vaccine
Canine cough vaccine

Your pet's continued good health is our number one concern!

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